Hall of Leaders

Columbia Public Schools Foundation 2015 Hall of Leaders

The Columbia Public School Foundation will celebrate the Hall of Leaders for 2015 on October 15th at Rock Bridge High School. The money raised from this event will help provide resources for educational experiences beyond the district’s operational revenues. For reservations send $75 per per person to CPSF, P.O. Box 1234, Columbia, MO 65205 or register online by selecting the banner below.


The Foundation believes that by honoring the amazing contributions of these outstanding alumni, volunteers, and retired educators we will emphasize to our community, especially to young people, that education is the foundation for success.

CPSF established the Hall of Leaders in 1999 to honor individuals in these categories:

  • Alumni
    Persons who attended the Columbia Public Schools and have become successful in their chosen field
  • Educators
    Teachers and administrators, retired for at least five years, who were outstanding educational leaders in the Columbia Public Schools
  • Volunteers
    Persons whose efforts as school volunteers have made a significant contribution to the Columbia Public Schools